Legacy - Add Client

Legacy - Add Client

Registering a Client

Registration Like to Adding a Client

Add Client

1) Enter client information
• The text boxes lined with red are required fields
• When entering information in text fields avoid &, ', ". ^ symbols.
2) Entering zip code will automatically fill city and state text boxes
3) Proper e-mail address is require @vetport.com. In case the client does not have an email address, then click on 'Generate Internal Email' so that the email will be internally generated by VETport and you will not be prompted for an email address.
4) Track how your clients hear about your clinic. This is customizable, see next step "How did you hear about us"
5) Select a preferred provider
6) This text box allows you to add client notes that will appear below the client information in red text for easy reference. See Topic Header Navigation
7) Suspend reminder for this client. No automatic reminders like Appointments, pending invoices etc will be sent for a particular period of time mentioned.
8) Activation / DeActivation of Statements will also Activate / Suspend the calculation of late payment Interest for the particular Client.

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about us?

1- Add new sources
2- Edit the existing sources

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