Legacy - Adding or Modifying a Plan Item

Legacy - Adding or Modifying a Plan Item

1. Click on Settings and Reports.

2. Click on Medical Record / Plan Item Setup

3. Under Plan Management, click on Add / Modify Plan Item.

4. Alternatively if you wish to quickly add / modify a plan item then please click on option below i.e. Quickly Add/ Modify Plan Item.

ADD/MODIFY PLAN ITEMS - Classification of Plan Items

Plan Items are categorised on various aspects as below:

Pricing Strategy : Pricing Strategy help the VETport user to primarily differentiate plan item on the basis of Inventory or Service with respect to the cost involved. This clearly states whether a particular plan falls under Inventory category or Service category and further it helps classify into the following sections as under:

1) Inventory with Cost Factor

2) Inventory without Cost Factor

3) Service with cost factor

4) Service without Cost Factor.

Clinic: Every plan item belongs to a particular clinic. The same plan item can have different cost factor in different clinics. The cost may also vary on factors like species, gender, weight, etc.

Plan Category: Every Plan Item falls under a category related to its utility. For example: There are categories such as Anesthesia Gas, Alternative Medicine, Behaviour, etc. These categories broadly describes the main purpose of the usage of any plan Item.

Plan Sub-Category: Plan items are further categoried in a sub-category section where the actual usage of that Plan item is revealed. For Example : Alternative medicine has a category as Accupunture and Accupressure. Now a particular plan item related to Accupressure and Accupuncture will fall under the main Plan category as Altenative Medicine and Sub Category as Accupuncture and Accupressure.

Search a Plan Item

Three ways to search:

1)String Search - e.g. "exam" would return "Physical Exam", Exam Brief etc.

2)Search by drill down on Category then optionally Sub Category then optionally Species(for species specific plan items).

3) Alphabetical

4)To Add a new Plan Item

5)To Edit a Plan Item

6) Editing a Cost of a Plan item

7) Plan Item Price

8) Plan item has many parameters which can be edited as per your requirements

Add a new Plan Item (The Basic Plan Item Setup)

1. Select a pricring strategy.

2. Select Plan Category and Plan Sub - category

3. Enter name of the Plan Item.

4. Enter other details and notes.

5. Click on Add Plan Item & GoTo Cost Setup.

Plan item Cost Setup

On this screen we have to set costs of the plan items.

1.Check the name of the plan item that you are setting the price for.

2. Enter Purchase cost, Mark up %, Quantity, Unit Cost, Service fee, Tax, Minimum price and Low Estimate %.

3. Check this box if you want to copy details of this plan item across all your other clinics.

4. Click on Apply Button at the bottom of the page to finalize the plan item costs.

Modifying Plan Items

To modify an existing Plan Item:

1. Search the Plan Item in the given text box or find it in list below.

2. Once you have located it then click on Edit Plan Item to modify it.

3. Click on Edit Cost to edit the cost of that plan item.

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