Legacy - Adding or Modifying Staff

Legacy - Adding or Modifying Staff

Add Doctors, Technicians, Receptionists, Assistants, Kennel Help etc. Create Logins and Manage Staff Details, Scheduling Requirement and more.

Settings & Reports >> Settings >> Personnel - Access Rights & their Scheduling >> Staff

Select Staff for Editing or Select Add

1) Add a new Staff.

2) Edit Existing Staff

3) View Sales Cut

4) Home Clinic

5) Status - Active or Inactive(will no longer show in scheduling etc.)

6) Login Id

7) Domain

Adding or Editing

1) Staff Category - Required Field. Double click for popup.

2) First Name - Required Field

3) Last Name - Required Field

4) Active(Default) or Inactive. Note: Setting Staff status as Inactive will delete staff existing login details

5) Contact Information: Address, Phones etc.

6) Display Provider - Yes(Default) they will show in the list of Providers for Appointments etc. and in Provider List to be recorded against medical record entries.

7) Display self as Provider - if checked, then whenever the staff logins he/she will be seen as provider (top of the screen) and if other as provider is selected then the selected person will be seen as provider.

8) Creating Login or resetting the password generates an email to the staff member

Staff Category



Kennel Assistant

Kennel Manager

Office Assistant

Office Manager


Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Technician

General Information

1) General Information

2) Veterinarians State License - for printing on official certificates. eg Rabies Certificate.

3) An image of veterinarians signature can be uploaded. If present Certificates(Boarding and Rabies) will print with the signature of the logged in provider.

Schedule Management

Available Times.


Web Site data

Website Details

1) Display your profile? If checked the following checked items and description will display on the public web site.

2) Display your photo? If checked then browse for your photo on the local computer. When modify is Pressed it will be uploaded.

3) Display your CV? If yes browse for the document. When modify is Pressed it will be uploaded.

4) This description will be displayed on the public website.

5) Don't forget to Press Modify or all changes will be lost.

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