Admission / Reservation Process Synopsis

Admission / Reservation Process Synopsis

Boarding / Admission / Reservation

Hospitalization of a patient.
Pets are kept in cages and sometimes depending on the weight of the patient the cage is allocated.
One cage can have single or multiple pets kept in it.
Canine, Feline cages could be separate.
Of course not all clinics have an Admission.
We set up whether admission required for a clinic via the admin >> Clinic Details >> Clinic Record

The clinic can configure 2 types of admissions:

Clinical Admission:  Where patient is admitted for Treatment

Boarding Admission:  Like a kennel service, where the owners keep their pets while they are traveling etc

The check out time can be defined or 24 hrs checkout.
Cage Management is defined under Treatment type (a default Cage Management Category is automatically created whenever the clinic is defined for Clinical or Boarding Admissions)

Sub-Categories under Cage Management can be of 2 types:
-- Cage Types related to admission (default) e.g cage types can be small cage, large cage etc
-- Additional Services for Admitted patients e.g Daily walk, etc

Admission can be a separate Department and can be handled by specific users

A patient can have Reservation before actual admission.

Cage configuration such as:
Buildings:  which buildings are present in the hospital/clinic (clinics can define any one building name)

Floors: Define each floor of the clinic / hospital (clinics can define any one floor name)

Wings / Wards: Wings or Wards of the clinic / hospital (clinics can define any one Wings / Wards name)

Cage Types: These are Plan items against which the cost of the cage for admitted patient is defined. A Cage type can have many cages under it

Cage Numbers: Define
    Maximum pets that can stay in the cage,
    Cage number
    Cage type
     Wing / Ward
     Bed names -- Even for single occupancy (max pet=1) bed name is compulsory.  (For multiple occupancy the bed names are separated by |). Each Bed name is stored as a separate record. E.g if a cage number Small Cage 1 can occupy multiple pets 3, then the Cage can have bed names bed1 | bed2 | bed3 (Cage contains). Each of this bed1, bed2, bed3 will have a separate record in the table. The tracking of admission / reservation is done on the bed names.  
    Cage Picture -- You can also add a cage picture

Cage Status: Cage Status can be Free, Occupied, Reserved, Cleanup

Advance Amount: A Clinic / Hospital would like to take advance amount from the client in cases like surgery etc. For the staff/admission desks convenience, for a specific list of Medical Cases (Case names) & expected days of occupancy, an advance amount is configured, that needs to be taken before a patient is admitted.

During the appointment process a patient can be admitted.
Or at any point the doctor or staff can add a reservation or make an admission request for a patient.
If an admission request is made the patient is kept in queue. The admission desk than admits the patient and allocates cage, takes advance amount, select additional services etc.  (Actually a reservation is created against the patient to be admitted and then the patient is admitted)

Relevant reports are available, e.g:
    Reservation list
    Admitted patients for today
    Free / occupied beds

If required, an admission can be extended for a patient.
A patient can also be transferred to another cage
In the end when a patient is discharged, a discharge summary and follow-up note can be added.

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