Legacy - Client accessing online clinic / VETport library via patient portal

Legacy - Client accessing online clinic / VETport library via patient portal

Patient portal access screen

Enter the login details and password and login

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      1, Go to the client dashboard and make sure client has been updated with an email address : XXXXX@gmail.com 2, Click on the paw icon as shown above 3, Once the paw icon is clicked, there will be message shown as " Reset password link has been sent to ...
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      1- Go to Settings and Reports 2- Click on Libraries and Research 3- Go to VETport Libraries Type the word and click on Clinic Library Type the text and click on the clinic library
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      VETport is a full featured enterprise resource management tool for veterinarians. It empowers the veterinary team to connect with the client, other team members and the patient. A common login screen 1) A single access point on the web for both ...
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      How to Search Client's & Patient's on Next Gen ? Please find the types of client's & patient's search: 1: Client ID 2: Client First & Last name 3: Client registered E-mail ID 4: Client Register Phone Number 5: Patient Record No 6: Patient Name 7: ...
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      1) Use the search bar on the top right corner of the page. You can use the patient / Client Id , phone number , address, microchip Id, or the patient/ client name. Search option n VETport is like Google search and will get you to the closest results ...