Legacy - Client Query Manager - Communicate with a cross section of clients

Legacy - Client Query Manager - Communicate with a cross section of clients

Get in touch with your clients - send emails, sms, postcards, letters to your clients

Vetport offers different ways to search clients e.g demographic search, Active / Inactive or First Active. The user can send the selected clients marketing emails, print postcards, labels or print address lists as reports or extract this data to a CSV or Excel File

Demographic Search or Active / Inactive or First Active Search on Clients

Compliance-->Even More

Compliance - Client Queries

Search Client by City, Zip or Street

Search Clients on Zip code or Street or City .

1) Search on City or Zip Code. Select City to search on ( since city radio button is selected). For search on zip code, select Zip radio button

2) Address search. The result is a combination of Zip code / City AND Address search words

3) Click on "Search Client on City", if City radio button is selected or "Search Client on Zip" if Zip radio button is selected. If the search result is large, then the user instead of navigating the pages, can also search within the existing search result

4) Once the search result is displayed, the user can do any of the following:

-- Print Label (PDF)

-- Print Postcard (PDF)

-- Send marketing emails. Emails will not be sent to users whose emails were generated by Vetport, since they need not be valid emails and are generated as client login id. Emails are sent only to clients having valid addresses

-- Print Report - Print address list of the clients -(the pdf document is for all clients in the search result. No need to select clients)

-- Export as a CSV file (delimited separated text file)

-- Print Letter to send to send to clients

More details on each print or save option is given below

Sample Print labels

Select the clients and click on Print

Sample Print postcards

1) Select the Clients from the search result and click on Print Postcard to arrive at this page. Type in your content for the client

2) You can select to show or hide footer content

3) Edit your footer content

4) Click on Continue to print the post cards

Sample Print postcards - continue

PDF document for printing the postcards of selected clients. Normally 3 postcards per page

Sample Send Email

1) The email content that was configured in "Marketing Email" in Clinic Details setup, is shown here. This Marketing Email can be configured as a "personalized" email using Vetport TAGS for more details on Vetport TAGS, please click here). A HTML / Inline editor is available to configure the content (for more details on how to use the HTML / Inline editor please click here)

2) The Help link gives you access to Vetport TAGS info

3) Upload images to add to the email content


Sample Send Email - continue

Sample Print Report

Click on the "Print Report" button to get this report

To generate the CSV Export mail merge file

View CSV File

Sample Print Letter

Generate PDF File for Printing, Click on "Print Letter" button to configure the letter content (similar to that of send email). The client letters will be in PDF format

Search on Active / Inactive clients

Active / Inactive

1) Search on Active / Inactive clients by selecting radio button "Not Active since" or "Active Since" with date

2) Hide suspended clients (because of bad debts) if they need not show in the search result

3) Click on "Search Client" button to get the search result


The search result. The process to navigate search results, additional search on client and selection of clients to print labels, postcards, send email etc exactly the same as Search on Zip or Street section above

Search Clients on First Active

First Active

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