Legacy - Creating a wellness plan using group plan feature

Legacy - Creating a wellness plan using group plan feature

Medical record SOAP setup

Complaint, History, Exam, Assessment Grid

1. Add New Wellness Plan
2. Search Wellness Plan
3. Modify Plan
4. Reorder the items in plan

Basic idea of creating a wellness plan is:
1. One time cost of the plan should be included via a plan item. For example: VIP Membership (Adult) costs around 6935.00 which serves as the cost of the entire package
2. Subsequent items of the plan should be included with discount 100%
3. More plan items can be added by typing the plan item name and selecting from those appearing in popup

Administering the Wellness plan to the patient

1. Type the name of the wellness plan [In this example, we have taken the VIP Membership wellness plan created in the previous step]
2.Unit cost of the VIP Membership is only shown, rest of the items are zero unit cost

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