Download Teamviewer Software - Very Important.

Download Teamviewer Software - Very Important.

We need you to download Teamviewer software on every machine at your practice. This is important as no support can be done without  that. This software helps us see your desktop remotely and also allows you to see ours. Please note that this is completely secure and that only when you give us your ID and password can we see your desktop.

After downloading the file onto your desktop, you need to run the software i.e. execute the exe file. This will present a window which will give you your ID and password for that machine. Each computer will have it own unique ID generated.

The Link from which you can download the Teamviewer Software according to your operating system is:

For assistance configuring lab equipment, please download the host version of Teamviewer on the PC to which your lab equipment is connected. Please run a few sample test to verify that your PC is configured to your lab equipment. Then start up Teamviewer, send us the ID and Password and Windows password as well (just in case your machines goes to sleep because of no activity for some time). Email these details to and give us a few days to get this done for you. We will log in at night and finish the configuration.

Go to the following link

Go to the following link

1) Access

2) Click on Support & Terms

1. If you are using a MAC please download from this link

2. If you are using a Windows machine please download from this link.

3. Please download this version of team viewer on the pc that is connected to your modalities. This will be useful to help us remote configure auto picking of the lab results from the pc and adding it to the approval queue in  VETport

For Chrome OS - Click on the Link below for Help File.

Link -


Run and Install Team Viewer

Run and Install Team Viewer

Once you click on the appropriate link the download will start. Please click on the downloaded file to run the setup.

1.Click on Run to initiate the installation process

2.Chose the necessary options to complete the installation.


TeamViewer Screen

TeamViewer Screen

After the installation is complete you will see the above screen.

1. Please share the id with us

2. We know the password for the host.

Note: If you have set other than default password plese send to us while requesting for any troubleshoting or installation of device.

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