Legacy - Global Search - Rabies Tag Search "1079"

Legacy - Global Search - Rabies Tag Search "1079"

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Another Simple Search - Rabies Tag Search "1079"

1) Typed 2550 in either the Dashboard Client/Patient search or on the Search Page. On the Dashboard hit return to execute search, on the Search Page Press "Search Client / Patient" Search button or Enter.
2) In this example 1 record was returned. Hits show in red/yellow text. First and Last Name are active links to Activating the Client, Pet Name is active link to pet and master problems. VETport is really smart so it can find an address with the same number.
3)Only active patients are displayed by default. To view inactive or deceased patients click this checkbox and execute search by pressing "Search Client / Patient" button.
* TIP - Activating(clicking on) the pet gets you where you need to be faster!

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