Legacy - How to make appointment of patient in the system. Who is not there in system

Legacy - How to make appointment of patient in the system. Who is not there in system

How do you make appointment of patient in the system. Who is not there in system


Step1: Search for Client / Patient. if that Client patient is there in system then it will come in drop down list.you can select from that drop down list on clicking client patient name if that client patient you not found in the system.
Then you can see this screen here you have 2 option either you can add client patient data with their full information or you can simply do the quick add in quick add you have limited detail to feed.


After clicking on quick add you can see this screen.
Add the client and patient detail from here and then click on client/patient + make appointment to make appointment.


Step:1 Select the appointment type
Step:2 Search for complaint if there is complaint allready exit in complaint you can add or you can add new complaint to that list.
Step3: If you want to add additional complaint.
Step4: You can add discussion or breif your problem detail so once patient enter in to doctors lab dr knows the problem to patient.
Step5: You can select the date on which you want to make appointment
step6: You can select the doctor which the client wants to consult with
step7: After then you can create appointment OR create & check in appointment.

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