Legacy - IDEXX - Reference labs - Submission and Receiving Process

Legacy - IDEXX - Reference labs - Submission and Receiving Process

In this section we will see how to add an Idexx plan, send a info to Idexx and  receive the lab results.

Adding the Idexx Plan Item

1. Click on Plan from the dashboard once the patient is loaded.

2. Search and click on the Idexx Plan item you wish to perform.

3. Once the Plan item is selected click on Save.

Once saved you can do the following

1. Proceed to Add in Cart

Generating TRF

Once you Add the Idexx Plan Item into the Cart the TRF is generated for the Items.

1. Click on the link pointed in the screenshot to see the generated TRF for  the items.

Alternately you can check the TRF from the Medical record screen as well (See below Screenshot)


This is how the TRF once generated will look like.

Receiving Process

To download the Idexx Reports follow the below steps

1. Click on Labs & Reports

2. Click IDEXX Lab Reports

On this page you can see the the list of already downloaded report. If you have performed a plan item recently you need to click on "Download Now" to download the reports.

1. Clicking on Download Now will download the Idexx Lab results into VETport and map it to the appropriate patient and the medical record.

2. By Clicking on the View link under the Idexx Report Column we can view the Idexx Report. (See next step for an example report)

3. By Clicking on the View link under the Vetport Report Column we can view the Vetport Report. (See next step for an example report)

4. Click on the Review button to Review the result, Approve it, Email to client and Save it to the Medical record

5. Click to the "X" to delete the Report from the list

Idexx Report / Vetport Report

Review result, Approve and Go to Medical record, Approve Another, Cancel 

Upon clicking on the Review button you are presented with this screen

1. You can click on Approve and Go to Record.  This will take you to the Medical Record.

(Alternatively you can click on Approve another to approve multiple results)

Viewing the Result in the Medical Record

1. Once the report is approved you can see it in the Medical Record.

2. You can see the message entered while approving the result here too.

3. The Posted result will now have the link to Lab Result as opposed to TRF as seen in Step 4

4. The Items which have not been approved yet will have a link to TRF until approved.

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