IDEXX Vet Lab Station - In House Equipments Integration process.

IDEXX Vet Lab Station - In House Equipments Integration process.

VETport integration with IDEXX reference equipment via IDEXX Interlink and Vet Lab Station - IVLS - provides for a fluid workflow and tight integration with VETport's electronic health record

Initial Setup by IDEXX Laboratories at your clinic

Contact Idexx for assistance with installing Vet Lab Station and Idexx Interlink. Both Vet Lab Station and Idexx Interlink must be installed before VETport can install the cloud communication software on a local PC in your network.

IDEXX VetLab Station


Interlink Download and Installation Instructions

1) Idexx will assure that Vet Lab Station and Idexx Interlink are communicating.

2) Idexx Interlink is generally installed on the same PC that VETport will install its cloud communication software. If Idexx Interlink is not on the same computer then have your IT department or IT consultant provide a path to the Idexx Interlink installed PC folder that will receive the XML files from Vet Lab Station. If Idexx Interlink is on the computer where VETport will be installing the cloud communication software then the VETport support team will be able find the folder without any assistance.


Prepare your PC for Initial Setup by VETport Team

From the Windows PC that IDEXX support has established IDEXX interlink to IDEXX Vet Lab Station:

1)Go to

2)Click on the Support Link

3)Download and install Teamviewer Host which is the item labeled (2.0)

4)After installation email with the Teamviewer ID and password.* If there is a UserID and or Password for the Windows PC itself the VETport team will need it as well.

5) VETport team will install and configure the local Caravan engine for capturing and uploading results to the cloud according the the following directions:

1) Select " Interlink as name of your practice

Selecting the Path

1) Default Path can be changed for INTERLINK RESULTS DATA

XML Files

1) Click the "IDEXX Vetlab station" from System Tray

2) Always Select yes for " save XML messages.

IDEXX Vet Lab Station Main Menu

1) Press Settings

IDEXX Vet Lab Station Settings Menu Steps

  1. Under Settings, make sure the Requisition Id is set to required.

1)Under Settings go to Practice Management Tab

2)Choose Other and Network Connection.  There is typically no need to Tap Configure.  That is only needed if a customer is running the InterLink app on a PC in their network that is not reachable using the “Auto-Detect” discovery routine.  A common scenario where this is used is if the App is being run offsite (where a dedicated route is established).

3)Check both Required and Display

IDEXX Vet Lab Station Instruments Menu Steps

1)Set to "On" transmit results but not pdf report to VETport. Once set to "On" (Transmit result records only), the VETport Icon on the Home screen will turn green. See next 2 steps

2)Set todays date to avoid receiving large numbers of unrelated reports from Vet Lab Station

Interlink Not Ready - On the IVLS Instruments screen, Once the setting is "On" (Transmit result records only), the Yellow Interlink Icon on the Home screen will turn from yellow to green.  See next step.

If the Interlink Icon is green your clinic is ready for the VETport team to install the cloud communication software. The next step tells you how to install Teamviewer in order for the VETport Team to access your computer for the final setup.

Entering Patient Data in Vet Lab Station once setup is complete

  1. On the Select Instrument screen the customer will be required to enter the Requisition ID if set to required in Settings as described above.

All indicated fields are required along with VETport Requisition ID.

1) Use the VETport Requistion ID in both the Client ID field and the Requisition ID field

2) Patient name. We recommend you fill in Client First and Last Name as well.

3) Predefined Species List from IVLS

4)Requistion ID from VETpor

5)Life Stage - Predefined by IVLS

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