NextGen - Keywords and its descriptions

NextGen - Keywords and its descriptions

Adding Keywords will replace with the actual information.

For example - $$clientfirstname$$ $$clientlastname$$ - You would be sending a lot of emails on a daily basis and it is impossible to edit each email content and add the Client first name and last name. Using keywords on templates, will automatically replace with the client first name and last name.

Please note that these keywords would work only if it is present in the keyword list of that specific template as shown in the screenshot below.

Below are the List of Keywords used in VETport application.

$$cliniccontactinfo$$      will be replaced by the Clinic email and telephone number

$$lastname$$      will be replaced by Client Last name

$$clientid$$    will be replaced by Clientid

$$email$$    will be replaced by Client E-mailId

$$clinicphone$$    will be replaced by Clinic Phone #

$$clinicfax$$    will be replaced by Clinic Fax #

$$clinicemail$$     will be replaced by Clinic Reply To Email & if not present then Clinic email address

$$clinicname$$    will be replaced by Clinic name

$$clinicwebsite$$   will be replaced by website url and port number

$$clinicurl$$    will be replaced by Clinic Domain name defined in Clinic Record (if applicable)

$$zipcode$$    will be replaced by Zip Code defined in Clinic Record (if applicable)

$$patientphoto$$    will be replaced by Patient Photo defined in Clinic Record (if applicable)

$$microchip$$    will be replaced by Microchip ID defined in Clinic Record.

$$referringclinicname$$   will be replaced by Referral Clinic Name

$$referringclinicaddress$$    replaced by Referral Clinic Address

$$refferingclinicfax$$    replaced by Referral Clinic Fax no

$$refferingclinicphone$$    replaced by Referral Clinic phone

$$patient$$    replaced by Patient name

$$patientid$$    replaced by Patientid

$$guradian$$     will be replaced by Guradian / Spous

$$appointment$$    replaced by Date and Time of Appointment

$$appointmentcomplaints$$    replaced by Appointment Complaint and Discussion

$$appointmentnotes$$    Replaced by appointment notes that can be added/edited from

$$balancedue$$    replaced by Balance Due

$$reservation$$   replaced by reservation details of the patient

$$provider$$    Current Logged in Provider / Doctor

$$species$$    replaced by Patient's species

$$breed$$    replaced by Patient Breed

$$color$$    replaced by Patient color

$$age$$    Replaced by Patient Age

$$dob$$    replaced by Patient Birthdate

$$dob_descriptive$$    replaced by Patient Birthdate descriptive

$$weight$$    replaced by Patient Weight

$$clientaddress1$$    replaced by Client Address 1

$$clientaddress2$$   replaced by Client Address 2

$$clientcity$$    replaced by Client City

$$clientstate$$    replaced by Client State

$$clientzip$$    replaced by Client Zip Code

$$clientaddress$$    replaced by Client Full Address

$$planitem$$   Replaced by the name of Plan Item

$$manufacturerandlot$$     replaced by Manufacturer And Lot

$$drugid$$   Replaced by ID Label: Identifier

$$qty$$    replaced by Quantity

$$refill$$     replaced by Refill

$$route$$     replaced by Route

$$prescription$$    replaced by Prescription

$$clinician$$    replaced by Clinician

$$performedon$$    replaced by Performed Date

$$clientname$$    replaced by Client Full Name

$$clientlastactivity$$    replaced by the Client Last Activity Date

$$patientlastactivity$$    replaced by Patient Last Activity Date

$$rabiestag$$     replaced by Patient Rabies Tag

$$requisitionid$$    Requisition Id of Lab Report

$$lims$$    LIMS Id of IDEXX online Lab

$$clienthomephone$$    replaced by Client Home Phone

$$clientcellphone$$    replaced by Client Cell Phone

$$currentdate$$     replaced by Current Date

$$petsimagewidth25px$$    replaced by Patient Image Width=25px

$$petsimagewidth50px$$     replaced by Patient Image Width=50px

$$petsimagewidth100px$$    replaced by Patient Image Width=100px

$$reminderduedate$$    replaced by Reminder Due Date

$$patientdetails$$    Pateint name and details

$$drug_direction$$    replaced by direction

$$drugform$$    replaced by drug form

$$drugfrequency$$    replaced by drug frequency

$$rxno$$    replaced by rx id

$$drugadditionalinstruction$$    replaced by additional instruction

$$providersignature$$    replaced by provider signature

$$signuptoken$$    Will replace with auto generated link for creating staff

$$username$$    will display username of staff/provider

$$sex$$    Replaced by patient's sex

$$title$$    replaced with client title

$$clientphone$$    replaced with default phone number of client

$$vaccinetype$$    replaced with Booster/initial

$$ageatvaccine$$    replaced with age of patient which performing vaccine

$$vaccineexpiry$$    replaced with vaccine expiry date

$$usdalicense$$    replaced with USDA License of vaccine

$$vaccineserial$$    replaced with vaccine serial

$$animalcontrollicense$$    replaced with animal control license

$$cliniclogo$$    replaced with clinic logo

$$clinicadd$$    replaced with clinic name and address

$$clinicaddress1$$    Replace address line 1

$$clinicaddress2$$    Replace address line 2

$$cliniccity$$    Will be replaced by Clinic city

$$clinicstate$$    Will be replaced by Clinic state

$$clientfirstname$$    Will be replaced by Client first name 

$$clientlastname$$    Will be replaced by Client last name 

$$drugroute$$   Will be replaced by drug route

$$providerfirstname$$   Will be replaced by provider's first name 

$$providerlastname$$   Will be replaced by provider's last name 

$$alert$$    Will be replaced by patient's alert message

$$reminderlist$$    Will be replaced by reminder list of patient

$$clinicianlicense$$   will replaced with licence number of clinician

$$emrpdf$$    Will be replaced by emr pdf name

$$clinicmessage$$    Will be replaced by clinic message

$$emrhtml$$     Will be replaced by emr html

$$emrzip$$    Will be replaced by emr Zip 

$$labmessage$$    Will be replaced by lab message

$$supportingdocuments$$    Will be replaced by supporting documents

$$amount$$     Will be replaced by Amount

$$reminder$$    Will be replaced by reminders

$$referralfirstname$$   Will be replaced by referral first name

$$referrallastname$$   Will be replaced by referral last name

$$vendorname$$    Will be replaced by Vendor names

$$vendoremail$$    Will be replaced by Vendor email

$$poitems$$     will display purchase order items in tabular format (Item name, Quantity, Price)

$$ponumber$$     will display purchase order number

$$duedateplan$$     Will be replaced by Due date of plan

$$url$$    Will be replaced by URL

$$comment$$   Comment from requisition

$$vaccination_list$$    will replace vaccination/boarding list

$$clinicurl$$ Will replace the web address for your clinic.

$$logo$$    Display clinic logo (on email body)

$$Vendor Item$$     Display vendor item name

$$followuplist$$    Display  followup list

$$appointment_list$$    Display  Appointment List

$$ageingdate$$    Client's invoice ageing date

$$credit_type$$    credit_type

$$reward_amt$$    loyalty reward amount

$$creditnoteno$$    creditnote no

$$cage$$    display cage name

$$building$$    display building name

$$floor$$    display floor name

$$room$$    display room number

$$admittedon$$   display admitted on time

$$reservedon$$    this is the date on which pet boarding status changed to reserved

$$dischargedon$$    this is the date on which pet status changed to discharged

$$discharge_dtl$$    this is the details provided when pet get discharge

$$cagecard$$    Link which will display cage card

$$isloyalty_balance$$    disloyalty balance will be displayed

$$currency$$    currency

$$initial_provider$$   initial_provider

$$planitemnote$$   Replaced by Plan Item notes

$$estimate_note$$    this is note for estimate

$$importantinfo$$   important info

$$emrlink$$    Emr attachment link

$$drugexpiry$$    Will display drug expiry date

$$reminder_duelist$$   Will be replaced by list of due reminders for all the patients belonging to a client. This will display only plan item name and due date.

$$providerlicense$$   shows provider license

$$clientfulladdress$$    Client Address with Country and Zipcode

$$clientdob$$    Client's Date of Birth

$$Reserved from$$    Reservation Start Time

$$Reserved to$$    Reservation End Time

$$plan$$  plan_loop 

$$vitals$$    replaced by pet's vital details.

$$barcode$$    Render Barcode for Item

$$meet$$    Provides Link for Google Meet

$$estimateFinalizeLink$$    This shows the link to finalize the estimate

$$clinicaddressline1$$    Clinic Address Line 1

$$clinicaddressline2$$   Clinic Address line

$$patient_with_id$$     Patient Name With Record Number

$$openedge_payment_link$$    OpenEdge Payment Link

$$totalrevenue$$    Total revenue generated by client

$$clientformlink$$    client form link

$$appointment_12hour$$     Appointments in 12 Hour Format

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