Next Gen - Adding Advance payment/Credit on the account.

Next Gen - Adding Advance payment/Credit on the account.

Navigation Go to any Client/patient dashboard, click on the Wallet and then click on Add Credit as shown below.

Once you're on that page, please select the type of credit that you wish to add to the client's account.

You can add the below mentioned types of credit on the account.
Advance Payment, Return item, Coupons, Other credits.

Once you choose a type of credit, please select the type of payment that you are using to add the credit.
Once you choose the payment type, please enter a Document Number if required, The amount that you are adding as credit and then the Credit note.

An example is shown below by selecting Advance Payment as a credit type.

Please click on Add Credit once you have entered all the information and the credit will available on the client's account.

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