Next Gen - Boarding Adding Buildings and Floors

Next Gen - Boarding Adding Buildings and Floors

How to go to Boarding Page & set up building?

Step 1:  Click on "Setup"

Step 2:  Under "Boarding" select "Buildings"

How do you add Buildings and Floors ?

Adding a new Buildings:

Step 1: Click on Add Building

Step 2: Update the Building Name & also if you need you can upload the image (Jpg) of the building.


How to Import Buildings?

Step 1:  Click on "Import Buildings"

Step 2:  Select the list from the drop down / Upload CSV file.

How to set up Sector / Beds/ Cage ?

Step 1: Click on Add / View Sector

If you would like to add a new sector or Aisle.

Step 1: Adding a new Sector or Aisle

Step 2: Edit (used to edit the name of the Sector / Add a image )

Step 2: Adding a new Cage / view cage.

How to  "Bed" and add "Equipment" ?

Adding Bed:

Step 1: Click on Add/View Beds (This would help you add a bed)


Adding Equipments:

Step 2: Click on Assign Equipment to the care (this

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