Next Gen - Boarding Adding Reservation / Adding Cage Type

Next Gen - Boarding Adding Reservation / Adding Cage Type

How to get the boarding reservation done ?

Step 1: Click on Boarding

Step 2: Select the reservations done based on your requirement if you need the View to be in Day/Week/Month/

Step 3: Select the clinic for where reservation to be made / chose the building,floor & Room.

Step 4: Select double click date for the reservation to be made. (Which would give you a pop up select "Yes").

How to admit a pet ?

Step 1: Select the "Patient"

Step 2: Select the start date & end date

Step 3: click on the building that you would like to board the "Patient" / Click on the Aisle  / Select Cage / Select the type of Bed that is required, then click on "Reserve".

How to get the boarding encounter done ?

After completing the about the steps and clicking on "Reserve", a pop up would appear, then follow the steps bellow.

Step 1: Select the "Encounter" for the patient

Step 2: Check this box if you want this be charged now.

Step 3:   Submit (To confirm) or Select Boarding Encounter.

  • If you select "Boarding Encounter"/ "Submit" It would take to the Plan Item page .


Boarding Actions:

Step 1: Admitted (which would already be done)

Step 2: View Cage Card (This will help you get the cage card details)

Step 3: Discharge

Adding a Cage Type:

Cage Type can be set as per your requirements with the price as well. Please follow the below steps to do it.

Step 1: Click on Set up

Step 2: Boarding

Step 3: Select Cage Type under boarding.

Step 4: Click on Add Cage type.

Step 5: Enter the name of the Cage type & set the price .

Step 6: This would help you edit the current cage type Name / price & also make it active or inactive.

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