Next Gen - Client & Patient Registration

Next Gen - Client & Patient Registration

Client Registration (a)

1: You need fill in all the details of the client as its important.

2: Client email address can be entered here and also if the client says they don't want to provide any email  address, in this case just check the box which says " Client declines to give email"

3: You can add an email "CC" to an alternate email address of the client.

 4: Once you click on the phone type you get a drop down and you can chose the phone type accordingly

  • If the client says that they dont need any text message from the clinic, in this case just click on "client declared to decline text messaging"

Client Registration (b)

Step 5:

Additional Details:

  • Preferred Provider: (Doctor) You can select your preferred provider using the drop down.  
  • How did you hear about us? : Please chose accordingly from where did the client hear about your clinic.
  • Identity Card: This can be used if your client provides you with an ID
  • Alert: This would help you add an alert to the particular clients pet. For Example (The pet Bits)
  • Employee: If its an employee, then you can select this option
  • Notes: This would help you to add any additional notes to the clients account
  • Client Group / Category: This can be used if you want to add your client to a group

Client Registration (c)

Alternative Caregiver Details:

This can be used if the client is providing an alternative persons details if he / she is not available to contact. All the fields are important to be filled.  

Patient Registration

Step 1: Click on Add Patient (It would take you to a new window)


Adding a patient are categorized in 4 parts:

1: General Information

2: Referral Clinic - Doctor

3: Patient's Photo

4: Additional Information

1: General Information

1: Patient ( can enter the name of the Patient)

2: Age : you enter it as ( Years,Months & Weeks) or Check mark the box DOB in Age (which would give you an option to enter the birth day of the pet as (MM/DD/YYYY) )

3: Weight: you can chose from the option give as per your requirement

4: Identification Markings: If the pet has any kind of Identification mark you can add it in this box

5: Species: add the species accordingly

6: Preferred Provider: This can chose the provider as your requirement

2: Referral Clinic - Doctor

1: If you  have a referral clinic listed, you can use it from the drop down and click on Add

3: Patient's Photo

1: Patient's photo can be added to the profile by clicking the browse option accordingly depending where you want the photo to been shown.

4: Additional Information

1: Additional Information:

You can add the other information of the patient and also if you don't want to the client not be charged for Tax all you have to do is click on Taxable change it "NO".

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