Next Gen - Creating a Plan Item

Next Gen - Creating a Plan Item

Please follow the below steps in creating a plan Item

Step 1: Click on "Inventory & Plan Item"

Step 2: Select Plan Item Management

Step 3: Select "Plan Items"

Step 4: This page you can add & download plan item.


This would give you the details of the plan item you had added & also help you edit this


Step 5:  This would help set the status of your plan Item 

Step 6:  This option would help you edit your plan item.

  • Edit                                     
  • Plan Cost                                
  • Add volume discount             
  • Weight surcharges              
  • Tax category                                                         
  • Report Card                         


Step (a): This option would help you edit the plan Item.

Step (b):  This option would help you set the cost for your plan item for your clinic and also if you have any other clinic's which are registered with Vetport. You can also set your pricing accordingly by using "Pricing Strategy".

Step (c): This option would help you set discount for your plan item by clicking on "ADD Discount"

Step  (d): This option would help you add weight surcharge for your plan items by clicking on "add surcharge"

Step (e): This option would show you the tax category.


Step (f): This would help you add the report card.

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