Next Gen - How to create an Estimate

Next Gen - How to create an Estimate


Go to Add Plan page on the patient dashboard - 


Add all the plan items required for the procedure.

Once you have added the plan items, please click on "Estimate" as shown above.

When you click on Estimate, VETport will prompt you to enter a name for the estimate created, please enter a name and click on Save.

Once you have saved the Estimate created, please click on Wallet >> Estimates as shown below.

When you are on the Estimate page, you will have the options as shown below.

You can do the following with the estimate created.
1> Email the estimate to the client.
2> Create a PDF file.
3> Print the file
4> Edit the estimate created. (Select Low and High estimates)
5> Upload and Finalise.
6> Finalise.
7> Convert the estimate to an active plan and then perform and Invoice.
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