Next Gen - How to add a credit/Debit?

Next Gen - How to add a credit/Debit?

Step 1: Click on the Client name to access the details.

Step 2: Go to Accounting

Step 3: Click on the Add Credit (to add credit to the account)

Step 4: Clinic on "Add Debit" (to add a debit to the account)


(A) Adding a credit:

Step 1:  Click on "Add Credit" (From the above Step)

Step 2: Select the type of  credit you would like to give.  (For now I have selected " Other Credit " update the Amount & Credit Note)

Step 3: Click on "Add Credit"

(B) Adding a Debit:

Step 1: Click on "Add Debit" (Step 4 on the top)

Step 2: Enter the amount

Step 3: Enter the "Debit Note"

Step 4: Click on "Generate Debit Note".

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