Next Gen - How to create an appointment ?

Next Gen - How to create an appointment ?

Steps to Create an Appointment:

      1. Search for the client /patient that the appointment is for.
      2. Select appropriately based on the appointment you would like to fix. For Example (Select the day option to fix an appointment for that particular day.
          This would help you filter by the appointments ( Day, Week, Month, and also by staff).
      3. Select the time slot as per the requirement and double-click on the time slot under the particular doctor / Staff to fix an appointment.
      4. If the time slot is grayed out, then you will not be able to go ahead with the appointment, as the particular doctor / Staff is not available.

5a. This field is used to search your client details using (Client/patient or name) if needed. This will auto-fill with the client in the control panel. 

6b. Use the drop-down from "Appointment type" as per the client's requirement. The client in the control panel will automatically be filled in. 

7c.  You can choose the "Reason of visit" from the drop-down or you can click on the (+) icon to add the new reason

8d.  If you need to add any additional comments, then you can add them here

9e. Select the Staff or provider for whom the appointment is to be set. This will auto-fill if you click on the provider on the schedule. 

10. If any equipment is required, then you can update this field like an ultrasound, x-ray, etc. machine. (NOT SHOWN)

11f. The start and end time of the appointment are important, so that has to be updated here. This is auto filled from where you click on the calander and the end time is put in by the appointment type time limit. 

12g. Drop off / date & and time can be used at the time of boarding

13h. Recurring Appointment

14i. Send email or SMS appointment reminders, then this option can be checked.

15j. Add any other comments, then you use this space to update the notes in (Appointment notes) and save. This note is sent out with the appointment SMS/Email.

16k. Edit the client information if needed.

17l. Review patient reminders for what is due. 

18m.  If you do not have time to gather all the infomartion on a new client you can click on add quick client and be able to make an appointmet. 

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