Next Gen - How to create group Plan items?

Next Gen - How to create group Plan items?


Go to: Inventory and Plan items >> Plan Item Management >> Group Plan item.

This page will help you create, edit, manage the Group Plan items for your clinic.

1> Download CSV : This will help you download the entire list of group plan items under your clinic instance.

2> Add New : This option will help you add a new group plan item.

A: Add the name of the group plan
B: Add a detailed description of the group plan.
C: Add plan items to the group that you are creating, add plan items one by one.
D: Add a group plan item which is already created.
E: Add a percentage of discount to the entire group plan.
F: You can make a group plan as species specific.

3> Search/Clear Search : This will help you search the species specific group plans that are already created and clear the search once the required information is received.

4> Status : Activate and deactivate a group plan item which is already created.

5> Edit : Edit a group plan which is already created.

6> Copy Group plans : This option can be used to copy group plan items from one clinic to another (This option will be useful for the Clients who have multiple clinic setup under one instance)
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