Next Gen - How to make an History form/ Exam Forms?

Next Gen - How to make an History form/ Exam Forms?


Go to  : Preferences >> Medical records >> History/Exam Forms.

Please select the type of form that you would like to create, History form or Exam form

Once on the page, please follow the below options.

A: Add Exam form : Here you will have the option to create a new form.
Please select the the species that you want to create the form for.
Enter the name of the form.
Check the option to include the Vitals on the form.

B> Select a Species to find out the forms that are already created.

C> Action : Under actions,
The first option will help you manage the form,
The second option will help you edit the name of the form.
The third option will help you copy the form created to another form of your choice.

D> Status : will help you activate or deactivate a form.

E> Vitals : This will help you enable and disable the option for you to capture the Vitals on the forms.

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