Next Gen - Setting up Idexx Reference Lab

Next Gen - Setting up Idexx Reference Lab

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Go to : Setup >> Marketplace

Under Marketplace, please search for Idexx ( App Displayed below)

Click on Free and once you have the application Open, please click on Integrate.

Please fill up the configuration details (Provided to you by Idexx) and click on Save.

Once the integration is Completed, please Map the Idexx Plan items with VETport Plan items for the TRF forms to be generated.
Please follow the below process for this.

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Go to : Setup >> Reference Labs >> Idexx

On this page, you can Map a VETport plan item to Idexx plan item as shown below.

1>> Import Plan item from Idexx : By clicking on the option, the list will be updated with the latest Idexx plan items and codes.
2>> By click on Edit, ,you will have the option to add a VETport Plan item against a Idexx plan item, once that is done, please click on Save.

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