NextGen - Accoutning Descriptions

NextGen - Accoutning Descriptions

1, Go to Cleint and Patient dashboard and click on Accounting as shown below 

Accounting in VETport as different options, Take a look at it one by one

1, ACCEPT PAYMENT: This will help you to accept payment against the pending invoices

Once you click on accept payment it will take you to the Invoice page as shown below, from here you can click on Apply now and accept the payment with desired payment method.

2, INVOICE BALANCE : This will help you understand what is the total due balance on a client's account

Once you click on invoice balance, it will take you to the pending invoice page as showm below

3, UNPOSTED CREDIT  : Any credit on the client's account will be an unposted credit, for example, below are the credits given to customer on the account.

a,  EXCESS PAYMENT : Additional payment made by the Client to clinic, becomes a credit on the account

b, ADVANCE PAYMENT  : when the client account is 0 and the client makes an advance payment, it becomes a credit on the account

c,  RETURN ITEM  : When a plan item is invoiced already and later plan items are returned by the client to clinic for various reasons, there will be a credit on the account

d, COUPON : If there are any coupons added to the client's account, there will be a credit on the account

e, OTHER CREDIT  : Apart from the above categories, if there are any other credits given to the client will be termed as OTHER CREDIT

4, CART : This helps you to view plan items in cart but not invoiced yet.

You need to click on the CART icon as shown, once the plan items are added into the CART

5, ESTIMATES : Clients asking for an estimates, once we add the plan items from add plan option, there is an option to SAVE all the added plan items as ESTIMATE, and save the ESTIMATE with a name as shown below.

6, ACCOUNT BY DATE : This will help you to see the complete transaction of all the Debits and Credit transcations done on a specifc client's account.

7, PAYMENT HISTORY/REVERSE : This will help you to see the complete payment history of the client with different payment modes, You can also reverse the payment back to the client from here as shown below.

8, ADD CREDIT : This will help you add a Credit with Credit note as the reason for credit on the account
We can add a Credit as Advance payment, Return item , coupon and other credit
NOTE : Credit in VETport is what Clinic owe to the Client

9, ADD DEBIT : This will help you add a debit on the account with the a Debit note/with a reason for debit.
NOTE : Debit in VETport is what Client owe to the Clinic

10, STATEMENTS : Once customer opts for statements, they would recive it automatically on a specific date

     There are 2 types of statements
     a, Summary statements : Only the summary of the statement is generated
     b, Detailed Statements : Detailed description of the trasncations are generated

NOTE : You can Print/Postal/Email a specfic statements as shown below 

11, STATEMENTS ARCHIVE : Any amount of a client is cleared or achived will show up under  STATEMENTS ARCHIVE.

   Under Money manager >> Deposit and Reconcile >> Clear deposit >> 
   Any trasnscations that are Archived or cleared will show under STATEMENTS ARCHIVE

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