NextGen - Patient portal access

NextGen - Patient portal access

1, Go to the client dashboard and make sure client has been updated with an email address : 

2, Click on the paw icon as shown above

3, Once the paw icon is clicked, there will be message shown as " Reset password link  has been sent to the client " as shown above 

4, Client needs to login to registered email and check for an email with the header " Reset Password Link " 

5,  Once they open the email, there is an option to reset the password for the client portal login by clicking on option CLICK HERE on the email as shown above.

6, Once clicked cleint can set up a password of thier choice as shown below 

7, Click on change password once the password is updated.

8, Once the password is updated,
    Client can login to the portal with below credentials

    Clinic URL :
    Client registered email address with VETport  : 
    Password : Password that was set recently

9, Below is the page showing up the client portal login 


Below are the things , client can do on the dashboard

A, They can view thier personal details and update it by clicking on this option as show below
B, They can book an appointment by clicking on this option as show below
C, They can view the medical records of a specifc pet, by clicking on this option as show below
D, They can request for a refill by clicking on this option as show below

11, Cleint can also view thier own appoitnents after its scheduled 
12, They can also keep a track of thier own reminders as shown below 

13, Clients can also keep a track of thier financials with the clinic as shown below 

a, Total invoice balance 
b, All thier past invoices 
c, All Payments done and pending


Under communications 

1, Clients can see emails sent by them to the clinic.
2, SMS sent from them to the clinic.
3, Complete client communication with the clinic can viewed here as shown below 


Once client clicks on the invoices, they can see all thier PENDING and PAST invoices as shown above 


This will show the complete payments done by the client to the clinic 


When they click on request, they can see the appointments requested and Refills requested accordingly, as shown below 


Client wil be able to access the complete medical record of a specific patient as shown below 


By Clicking on reminders , user will be able to see the Current, Nextt 45 days, Overdue and expiry reminders 


By clicking on View appointments, they can view Today's appointment, Past appointment, Cancelled appointment as shown above


Client can request for a refill to the clinic by clicking on the below option as shown below