NextGen - Formulary set up and adding anesthesia forms

NextGen - Formulary set up and adding anesthesia forms

Step 1 >> Go to Preferences and click on Formulary as shown below

Step 2 >> Click on Generic and Choose the ones which is required from the list as shown below 

Step >> 3  Select the option species and see if all the required species are available 

Step 4 >> Click on Prescription & details 

a, Here you can add the prescription note against each plan item by clicking on edit on the left handside 
b, you can also mark the plan item as Controled, Narcotic and reportable to goverment  

Step 5 >> Click on Drug formulary as shown below 
Here you can assign a Generic to a specific species 
You can also add a single Generic to multiple species as per the requirements

Step 6>>   Click on Drug plan item as shown below 

Here you need to assign a PLAN ITEM to specifc Generic 

Step 7 >> Creating an Anesthesia form as shown below 

Go to preferences >> Template and attachments  >> Default template >> Anesthesia form

Click on the + Sign to add a new Anesthesia form 
A, Enter a new Anesthesia form name 
B, Under ADD group , add the group name and Admin route 
C, Add Drug plan items to the form as per the requirement

Below is an example of an Anesthesia form 

Step 8>> Click on Anesthesia form under formulary to associate Anesthesia form with a plan item 

Step >> 8 : Anesthesia form will appear accordingly each time an Anesthesia plan is performed as shown below 

Before performing the plan item, You can make changes to the Dosage and Volume on the form on the plan active page and click on Save