NextGen - Overview of EMR and SOAP process

NextGen - Overview of EMR and SOAP process

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    • NextGen - EMR Nodes used on NextGen

      Below are the EMR nodes used on NextGen C=>complaint S=>subjective V=>vital O=>objective P=>plan SN=>soapnote D=>diagnostics M=>memo AT=>attachment A=>assessment PA=>planactive AF=>Authorization ES=>estimate EF=>estimatefinal CO=>communication PC - ...
    • NextGen - How do I shift soap notes?

      1) In the patient's EMR, click on shift soap as shown below. 2) select the SOAP notes to be shifted using the check box and click on the shift SOAP option again to shift it. 3) Fill in the details and click on Submit. 
    • Next Gen - EMR/SOAP set up

      Navigation:  Go to Setup >> Organization >> Clinics >> Settings. (The gear Icon shown below) Under EMR/SOAP Settings, you will have the option to update the information shown below. 1 > Electronic Medical Record Format : Will help you select the EMR ...
    • NextGen - How do I edit EMR?

      1) Please go into the patient file and click on patient health record to go to the patient's EMR. Click on the edit button as shown below. If the edit button is not appearing please follow steps 2 and 3.  2) If the edit button is not appearing please ...
    • NextGen - How to change the EMR Display layout as Chornological ?

      1) Click on the setup icon as shown below. Navigate to organisation then click on clinics.  A > Click on Setup. B > Click on Organization. C > Click on Clinics. 2) Click on the Settings icon as shown below against the clinic you would want to make ...