NextGen - Petlink eMicrochip registration process

NextGen - Petlink eMicrochip registration process

Step 2 >> Complete the registration process.
Step 3 >> Contact VETport Support with email address and password registered with Petlink.

Step 4 >> On VETport >> Go to Set up >> Market place 

Step 5 >> Enter the email address and password from your clinic's registration with PetLink.

Step 6 >> Once the configuration is done, you need to create a plan item for Microchip as shown below 

Created plan item should have a trigger of Microchip ID as shown below 

Step 7 >> Now when we perform this plan item on a patient , it will ask to enter the microchip ID number 

Step 8>> After plan item is performed, it will show under Labs and reports >> eMicrochip registration >> Select the specific patient 

Step 9 >>  Click on POST on the right hand side of the page, Microchip details will be posted to PETlink 

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