Legacy - Reviewing Plan Item Reminders

Legacy - Reviewing Plan Item Reminders

1 Review all your reminder that reminds self
2. Review all reminders that remind for another plan item
3. Review all reminders that will be deleted when the plan item is performed
4. You can modify a reminder
5 Delete a reminder.

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      Reminders are setup at the plan item level Getting to the plan item for which reminders need to be set or edited 1. Click on Settings & Reports 2. Click on Medical Record / Plan items Setup 3. Click on Add/Modify Plan Item<<<< Plan Management 1. ...
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      Activate the plan Item on Plan Item Setup Reminder Setup If this plan will not have a reminder created when it is performed then it could trigger the need for another plan to get performed. If it does create a reminder for itself it can get replaced ...
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      Navigation:Settings & Reports ->Medical Record/ Plan items 1. Click on Settings and Reports. 2. Click on Medical Record / Plan Item Setup 3. Under Plan Management, click on Add / Modify Plan Item. 4. Alternatively if you wish to quickly add / modify ...
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