Legacy - Running Multiple Tests with the Same Req ID for Idexx inhouse labs

Legacy - Running Multiple Tests with the Same Req ID for Idexx inhouse labs

From Idexx's end, under certain circumstances the customer needs to be able to run for e.g. the ProCyte, Catalyst, and SnapShot together i.e. using a single Requisition ID. However, the problem is that each test creates its own XML i.e a separate result.  Now if you use the same requisition number, the results that transfer into VETport will overwrite each other.  The Solution is that we combine the test requisitions upfront and link them to a common  req. id. This ID is then used with the instruments. The Test results then come over with the same Req. Id.  Now because VETport has a record of the indivigual IDs that is  linked to this common ID, Vetport is then able to store the test results properly.

1, Select the Tests that need to be done and perform the

2, Perform the plans by placing them in the cart or by invoicing them

Three requisition ids are created

3, Submission Process  - Getting to the Lab Queue

In the Idexx DCU combine requisitions

In the Idexx DCU combine requisitions"

Check items then open and print the combined TRF

1) Check the items you want combined to a single requisition number. Combined requisition is needed for Idexx point awards.

2) Press this button to open the TRF.

3) This is the TRF which can be printed or the user can simple enter the TRF number into the Idexx Vet Lab Station.

"Use this Req ID to run the tests.

When the result come into VETport you will get the option  to select the appropriate test out  the three to link it with"


Receiving Process

Here the results will be picked up by VETport and will be brought into the "to be approved Idexx lab report Queue".  You will need to click on the red box to select which of the tests that the received test will need to be linked to.

Setup of Idexx Plan items that need to be combined

Create a sub category to house these plan items

Check box needs to be flagged off.

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