SES Verification & VETmail

SES Verification & VETmail

What is VETmail?
VETmail is the mail server used by VETport to send and receive emails to clients of a veterinary clinic. VETmail works in association with Amazon SES service which delivers the emails to the end users(Pet Owners/Clients). 

Why SES Verification is needed?
SES verification is needed because by doing that you are authorizing Amazon SES to send emails to your clients on behalf of you. The SES verification has to be done for all the email addresses that your clinic is going to use as 'From Address' during the future email communications to the clients. 

How to do SES Verification?
When you set the clinic email address or any other email addresses(User Email Addresses) in vetport account, the SES verification email will be sent to your email within 24 hours of the Setup. In that email you shall see a verification link upon clicking which, your email will become SES verified. All SES verified email addresses will be able to send emails to clients through VETport.

SES Request Email Sample
You will receive this email as soon as the SES verification request is placed

SES Verification Email Sample
Click on the Link Highlighted to SES Verify your email address

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