Legacy - Setting up reminders for a plan item

Legacy - Setting up reminders for a plan item

Reminders are setup at the plan item level

Getting to the plan item for which reminders need to be set or edited

1. Click on Settings & Reports

2. Click on Medical Record / Plan items Setup

3. Click on Add/Modify Plan Item<<<<

Plan Management

1. Select the Category from the drop down

2. Choose a Sub Category.

3. You can specify the species.

4. Click on search which will bring out all the plan items that are available under the specified category.

Add Reminder

1. You can click on Add Reminder to setup a reminder for the particular Plan item.

2. If a Plan item has a reminder already setup then you can click on Edit Reminder to modify the Reminder settings.

1. click on Add to Set up a reminder for a Plan Item.

2. Select the Display Location based on how you would like to be reminded about it(You can select multiple options if needed).

3. If a Plan Item is to be repeated then a reminder can be set for the same by selecting the Reminder Self option. The Due date would be set based on the number of days or hours selected. The expiry date is the period for which the reminder would be active if the Plan item not performed on the mentioned due date.

4. A reminder for a different Plan item can be set if needed which would send a reminder for both the plan items.

5. We can also select to delete a Plan item(s) when an other plan item is performed.

6. The Plan items can be added or removed which are to be deleted.

Reminder setting and editing screen

To view all your reminders.

List of Plan Items having Reminders

1. Can also Modify them from here.

2. Remember to view all