Legacy - Vendor Item Add / Edit

Legacy - Vendor Item Add / Edit

Add Vendor Item and its details for each Vendor.

Along with the Vendor item name, code, package type etc, also update the unit price, taxes as per quotations received from the Vendor.

Assign Relationship between a Vendor Item and a Plan item to track the inventory.

(For the first time users, Vendor Item details can be imported, if it is available in a spread sheet. Kindly contact our support team to get further details)

Navigation - Items sold by the vendor

1) Settings and Report >> Settings >> Inventory Masters >> Vendor Items

Add / Edit / Search Vendor Items

To search options to view existing vendor items:

1. Choose a Vendor and Vendor Item Name (default 'All' Vendor Items) or a Vendor Item Code and click on 'Search Vendor Item/ button.

2. Search Vendor Items across all Vendors using the Alphabetical Search A-Z

3. The Search Result displays the Vendor Items details, like Vendor name, Vendor Code, Package Type, Quantity per package, Package Price and the unit price, minimum order quantity that the vendor expects, minimum order cost, taxes, total cost, quotation details, Quotation history etc. You can also add a new Quotation.

4. Click on 'Update Item Details' if the Vendor item information is changed.

5. You need to establish a Plan item relation to the vendor item, if tracking of the Plan item inventory has to take place

6. If the Vendor Item does not exist, then use 'Add Vendor Item' button to add a new Vendor Item. The Add Vendor Item screen is shown below.

Add New Vendor Item

To add a new Vendor Item you have to fill up this form with the details of the new Vendor Item.

1) Select a Vendor from the vendor list.

2)Type in the name of the vendor item.

3) type in the vendor code.

4) If the item is taxable then select taxable radio button and enter the Taxes in the following two boxes.

5) Select the package type.

6) Select the quantity.

7) Put in the package price and Total cost of the Item.

8) Click on the add Vendor Item to add it to the vendor item list.

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