VETport Account Setup - First Login

VETport Account Setup - First Login

1. Visit VETport Instance URL on your browser
This will take you to your VETport Account

2. Enter your Username & Password

VETport Login ScreenClick on forget password if you are not remembering your passowrd

3. (OPTIONAL) If a popup like this comes up, then save your password by clicking on 'Save'
After saving, the password will auto-populate during future logins

4. You will see a popup like this on first login

Click 'START NOW'. (optional) Click 'SCHEDULE PERSONAL DEMO' to get a walk through from VETport Agents.

5. You will see 3 types of Account Setup in the next Screen. 1. CLINIC SETUP, 2. MY CLINIC, 3. MY PROFILE. These setups are mandatory. The purpose of the setup is to customize the application as per the needs of your clinic/practice. 

VETport Account Setup Steps

6. Clinic Setup
Select the options according to the type of your veterinary practice
Click 'APPLY' to go to next screen

7. Clinic Details

Enter clinic detailsEnter clinic details

8. Email Setup
Under clinic details, setup the clinic's email address which will be used for client communication, reminders, promotional emails, etc. After the setup, the clinic email will receive an SES(Simple Email Services) Verification from Amazon. Please click on the link to Verify your email address to get started with VETport email service.
(Optional)Choose the Email Copy address and reply to address. By default the 'Clinic Email' will be set as 'Reply to'
Also read: SES Verification & VETmail

9. Time Zone and Clinic Timings Setup

Set up the Timezone, Clinic Open Time & Close Time

10. Other Details

Note: While choosing the Phone Number, First select type of phone number and then enter the phone number manually (Do not copy paste, do not add country code)
Phone Number, Website, logo, clinic photoPhone Number, Website, logo, clinic photo

11. Add Staff
Follow the steps similar to the previous step and click 'SAVE'
Give your email address, Profile Photo, etc

12. Done

The basic setup is done. Hit 'CLICK TO START' button. 

13. The VETport account will log out. Login again to start using the Fully Functional VETport Account.

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