Legacy Vetport - Patient Portal Access

Legacy Vetport - Patient Portal Access

VETport is a full featured enterprise resource management tool for veterinarians. It empowers the veterinary team to connect with the client, other team members and the patient.

A common login screen

1) A single access point on the web for both client and staff. When a John Q. Public becomes a client of the clinic an email is automatically generated and sent with login information

2) New clients can register and create patient information records online

Client sign up page

Whenever a client is registered within the clinic, its login details are generated and emailed to the client.
The client can use these login details to login and access his/her pets details e.g medical records, invoices, reminders etc
To access these pet details, the client need to pay an annual fee (which is decided by the clinic).
Therefore, first time when the client logs in and try to access the pet's information, the sign up page is displayed. The user can pay via Pay pal and get access to his/her pets details.

1. Client can sign up to access all his/her pet's details. A nominal annual fee for all his/her pet's is charged.
2. The client can choose not to sign up and log out.

The Client side of VETport (for a registered client)

The client side login uses the same databases and (EMR)electronic medical record, as with the staff login, in a restricted yet open fashion.

1) Upon login the client is presented with the above screen. Any client can register for online access to all his/her pets. The registered client can access all his/her pets information above. The only thing they can not access is the EMR (Electronic Medial Record) A common annual fee (to be decided by the clinic) for a single or multiple pets of a client. By charging a nominal annual fee for patient/pet access and sharing this fee revenue with VETport a clinic can offset VETport costs with yearly rebates.
2) These tabs give access to patient and client information, reminders, scheduled appointments, invoices, payment through the Paypal gateway and more.
3) Clients can easily learn about the benefits of the online access.

Client views his/her pet medical details

Client's Account details (for all patients)

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