Legacy - Viewing / Editing the Plan

Legacy - Viewing / Editing the Plan

How to View and Edit the Plan that is connected to your complaint.

1. Here you can edit the plan attached to your complaint or add to the plan

2. Add to the plan items the client want.

3. Edit Item the client do not want by clicking on the x to delete that plan item.

4. Enter Microchip #

5. Change the Qty.

6. Change the price.

7. Save

1.Entering the rabies tag

2.Entering the Lot #, exp, Manufacture of the rabies. ( Information needed for the rabies certificate)

1. Make changes to each plan item, Edit Plan Item/ ChangeProvider , Remove Plan Item, Client Declines this Item (this will put it in the emr but put a red slash through it), print a Large Format RX, Print a Small RX and Add Report Card Comment.

2. Change the provider for the whole plan. To change a provider on one item go to #1, Edit Plan Item/ChangeProvider

3. Preform the plan then Invoice

4. Put items in cart that are checked (you should only put items in cart that have been performed) Once you use the cart you have to move everything through the cart before being able to invoice the plan.

5. Turn this plan into an estimate

6. Modify the plan will take you back to Step 1 above.

We are going to move to Perform and Invoice

1. Select the invoice you want to pay

2. Apply Now

1. Pick type of payment

2. Document number

3. Confirm payment ( if you use X-Charge a window will come up so you can swipe the card).

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