Legacy - Viewing Notes, Report Card

Legacy - Viewing Notes, Report Card

Adding and Viewing Notes, Report Cards

Entering Notes or Adding notes to a Report Card for a Plan Item  

Click and select the plan

Click on the blue text to enter the notes

1. Enter notes under Hand Written Rx / Notes, which will appear on the EMR but not on the invoice

2. Entering notes under the report card will appear on the emr and place them on the invoice.

3. Clicking on the rubber stamp icon will save the notes

View notes on the EMR

1. The entered (Test Notes) for the plan item will appear in the emr

2. Notes entered (Test Notes on Report Card) in the report card will also been seen in the emr

3. Notes entered (Test Notes) will not appear in Report Card.


Emailing a client the report card

1. Click on patient name ( black drop down arrow)

2. Select the report card

1. Click to select and

2. View Report Card

Clicking on Action Button

1. Email, Print or Fax the Report Card to Client.

2. You can also print out a Report Card in a mailing format.

You can change the default message.

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