Legacy - what to do when client does not want to share their e-mail address ?

Legacy - what to do when client does not want to share their e-mail address ?

There will be cases where the client doesn't wish to share his/her e-mail address Or they don't have an e-mail address at the moment. VETport allows you to add the client without this information and also make sure that the client is not asked for an e-mail address again.

Client Declines to give E-mail Address

On the Add Client page can check the box "Client declines to give e-mail". This will show a note in the dashboard indicating that the client has declined to give the e-mail address.

If you check the box "Generate Internal Email". The system generates a dummy e-mail address for the Client record,  no message is shown on the dashboard.

Regardless of the option checked. You can always edit client file and update the e-mail address in future.

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